What Type Of Pet Suits You?

Take our survey to find out your perfect pet, or look at the tab 'Dogs and Cats' to look at information about dogs and cats, and look at the tab called 'other critters' for information about other animals you can call pets!

The pet survey is a survey that basically tells you what pet will suit you. After the survey if you are interested in that pet, look it up in the tabs on this website or somewhere else. If you have no interest in that pet, read about a pet you ARE interested in, it never hurts to look up more than one type of pet. The last step would be to look up breeders, if cat or dog, stores, or even animal shelters! Animal shelters are a great way to give and get!

Our goal is to help you and your family find the right type of animal for your home, that will bring you joy and happyness for the majority of your time together. We know how powerful the love of pets can be, and are honored to help you on your journey! Pets are also great for your health! For instance, owners of a cat or dog have a 40% less risk of a heart attack!

For more info about this website, and why we do this, look on the 'About Me' tab.

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