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Mopar or No Car














A Mopar is a vehicle produced by one of three companies (Plymouth, Chrysler, and Dodge.) This nickname also applies to car companies owned by one of these three, i.e. Jeep.

Generally it means cars of the muscle car era (1960's and 70's. After the Gas crisis, muscle cars simply couldn't survive in their same form. That was the birth of the compact car.

IDing cars from different generations car be difficult.


Notice the smaller grille on the 2008 charger as well as the relatively laid back appearance

2009 Charger

The 2009 has a more aggressive slope to the rear end. Also, the lights are lower down.

2015 Hellcat


The 2015 Hellcat has the less aggressive rear slope. The grille of the previous 2008-09 charger is gone. the rear end stays the same but the front end departs from previous models. The roofline is farther back as well.


Now with classics

On the left is a 1970 charger, On right, a 1969. The '69 has a bar in the middle of the grille as well as badging in the grille. The 1970 has a much more menacing look than the 1969.

The 1970 is longer. It also has a straighter side, without the indents of previous chargers


Image result for 1969 Dodge Charger Door metal