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Some famous dancer are Russian ballerinas and some are American and others were and culters.

Anna Pavlova was a Rusian ballerina. She was a solo dancer she did dances such as Dying Swan and 'Rose Mourante'. She was born February 12, 1881, in  Saint Petersburg, Russia and she died January 23, 1931, in  The Hague, Netherlands she died by Pleurisy it causes pain when breathing. It is caused by pneumonia and other diseases of the chest.

Ulyana Lopatkina is a famous retired Russian ballerina. she also was a solo dancer. she was born October 23, 1973 in  Kerch she has one daughter named Masha and she was born in 2002.

Igor Zelensky he born July 13, 1969 in  Labinsk, Russia he was in the movie Swan Lake (Kirov Ballet). He received his education at  Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet.