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There are all kinds of legends about dance.

One of those legends is called Dance of the Dead and I will tell you about this dance. Every year the village of Kamak left there village and went up Palomar Mountain to gather corn everyone from the village went the young the old and the ill were carried along so the village was together. As they were a old man from a near village named Ahoya the knew were everyone was and he fell asleep under a basket he was awakenedthe next morning by the sound of someone calling people out to dance. The old man stayed under the basket that he fallen asleep under. At first he thought the people of Kamak had come back but then he recognized the voices of the people he knew many years ago but al of those people were dead then he realize that the voices were the voices of spirits he eventually snuck out nd went back to his village and told everyone and from then on the dance he saw the spirits do was call the dance of the dead The End.