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There are many diffrent types of dance. There is no good or bad kind of dance but some people just like some kinds of dance more than others.

TapTap is a dance were you mostly use your feet. The tap dance shoes have metal peicesone on the ball of the shoe or one the toes of the she and the other is on the heal of the shoe. There are two kinds of tap shoes some you can slip on your fet some you have to tie on your feet.

JazzJazz is a dance that you use mostly your feet but a littke bit about your arms too. Jazz shoes you can slip on our foot but some you have to tie on. Jazz shoes are kind of like socks but thicker and they have even thicker material one the ball of your and it has a big short heel on the back.

BalletThere is two kinds of ballet shoes one of the kinds are called Ballet slippers the other kind is called Pointe. Mostly professionals use Pointe but some advanced dancers will use them but some don't.


Contemporary Most people thinkvContemporary is the kind of dance but there ids a real meaning to it. Contemporary is kind of like very dramatic acting but in dance. There are no special kind of shoe for Contemporary you can dance in Jazz shoes or bare feet. It is also like lyrical.