Animaton is the proccess of drawing a frame and then another to make something have movement. It's very fun, so there is no time to lose! With current trends, animation has began another incline! Animators are dominating Newgrounds and Youtube by entertaining the world! Animation is also a great way to use your time, as it usually pays off at the end. Animation is fun and it doesnt matter how you draw or how good you are at drawing, you just need to entertain the community! Animation can be different and unique compared to what a lot of people are used to, however, the animating community is starting to thrive. Animators are rising and popping into the scene. However, animation isn't instensely competitive. Animators work together and collaborate with other animators to release a bunch of different types of animations including narrative, animation series, and fun challenges! Also, the animation community is very friendly! So what are you waiting for? Join the animation community today!