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Kristin Campbell, is a graduate of Concordia College and taught 5th and 6th grade. She has three children, and along with Teresa Ducan started Something Beautiful. A project where the two created jewelry, wood signs, and other creative items. Kristin carried this project even further by creating the Owl. At first they were for Halloween only but sales forced her to continue making owls year round. Back problems limited her ability to make her biggest sellers and the Owl project was stopped. Kristin sells all of her items at Made a gift shop store in Lawrence KS. 12

On your left is a sign that is sold at Made (above). All of these signs are unique because even if they have the same text they are attached to different maps, pages of books ect. There are also smaller versions of this product. This item starts as a canvas, from there Kristin attaches a map or page to the canvas then with a brush strokes a quote onto it to make the finished product.

This website was made by Lucas Campbell during Web Design camp. Luke is a 7th grader at West Middle school and plans to play tennis during the school year.