This website is about websites, which are pages on the internet that contain multimedia. Websites typically have tabs, like the boxes above, which show the viewer which page they're on and lets them access different pages on the site. Right now, you are located on the home page, which is indicated by the fact that the "HOME" tab is orange. Orange, as well as warm colors like red and yellow, are some of the most commonly used colors in websites. However, by far the most commonly used color is blue, which is two times more likely to be used than red and yellow. To see the sources that were used to create this website, select the "LINKS" tab. The majorty of the content in this website is in the "HISTORY" tab, which includes a brief history of websites. The design of this website is based off of a stereotypical website's design, but one thing different about this website is that the "WEBSITE" bar at the top doesn't bring the viewer back to the homepage. With Google, for example, no matter where on the site the viewer is, they can click on the Google logo and return back to the homepage. In this case, they would have to select the "HOME" tab. Another thing that makes this website unique is, ironically, its design. Though what you are seeing is a "steriotypical" website, most websites have their own, unique design. The white background with grey tabs below the banner of the website can be considered standard, but few websites actually look like this. Creating an "average" look for a website is like creating an "average" person, because (as of writing this) there are more than 1 billion websites on the internet and just over 7.5 billion people in the world. Some websites may have backgrounds, advertisements, cooler logos, etc., while some may have an older or more boring style. Regardless, hopefully this site will answer some questions about websites that you've never asked. Click the "HISTORY" tab to continue.