Harry Potter@hogwarts


Hello Harry Potter fans reading this.Welcome to my website dedicated all to Harry Potter :).If you haven't seen the Harry Potter books

and movies or you do not know what Harry Potter even is don't worry because I am going to tell you all about it on this page. Harry

Potter is a book about a boy,named Harry Potter, who is a wizard.he lives with his aunt and uncle and their horrible son ,Dudley who

hate every fiber in hi body. One day he gets a letter from an unknown person asking him to join a prestigious school of magic. There

he finds a boy named Ron Weasly and a girl named Hermione Granger who become his best friends. Soon he finds out there is a

mysterious evil wizard named Voldemort who has been trying to kill Harry since he was a baby! Harry,Ron and Hermione join together to fight Voldemort and protect

in this epic seven part trilogy. For more information read the Harry Potter book series written by J.K. Rowling or watch the movies produced by Warner Brothers


Here is an animation made by me. You got accepted into hogwarts :) ----------------->