Famous Wizards And Witches In Harry Potter

Famous wizard Number 1

Professor Albus Percivil Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is the headmaster

of Hogwarts. His parents are Percivil and Kendra Dumbledore and he has

a sister named Arianna and a brother named Aberforth. Dumbledore is

a powerful and mysterious wizard



Famous Wizard Number 2

This is Voldemort,but formerly known as Tom Riddle. In this trilogy Voldemort,or Tom,

is the villan trying to kill Harry when Harry was a baby. The reason Voldemort wanted to

kill little Harry is because a prophecy told him that in the future a boy named Harry Potter will

kill him. Of course Voldemort did not suceed in killing Harry when Harry was a baby

but Harry, living up to what the propechy said, actually does kill Voldemort at the end

of the sventh book (eighth movie)


Third famous Witches and Wizards

Godric Griffyndor, Helga Hufflepuff,Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin

were the founders of Hogwarts. They each have one house named after them.

Godric was always a very brave person so in his house everyone must be brave

at heart. Helga was very kind so anyone could join her house, no conditions.

Rowena was a very clever witch. She wanted only the smartest witches and

wizards to be in her house. Lastly, was Salazar, He felt that only "pureblood"

witches and wizards should allowed into his house (pureblood is the magical

term for a witch or wizard who come from a long line of other witches or

wizards and has been raised accustomed to magical ways. Without the

founders Hogwarts would have never existed.