The Rainbow Wolf


Rainbow wolf has fianly been settling down with his life but, now has to deal with the silly legends people make of him.

Today we are going to share three of these silly legends that most may know.


1. The Wolf Who Vomits Rainbows

How about the legend of the wolf who vomits rainbows? Instead of the wolf having a rainbow pelt. Someone decided it was fun to create this image of him vomting rainbows. The person tweeted out this, the wolf is able to vomit out rainbows. That is why he has a pelt the color of a rainbow. When you see him, its really easy to make him vomit out rainbows. All you need to do is touch his left ear, and the magical vomit spits out. It is said, if you make a wish, touch his left ear while wishing this. Your wish will be granted.


2.The moon moon wolf

Yes there is a meme of moon moon, but people like to take it a step further. Soemone decided to make a legend of moon moon.

Legend has it that before moon moon was a meme, he was a marshion from mars. He came to earth to study others and found the species of wolves. He took form of the wolf speicies and his color skin (Rainbow) was the color of his pelt. He soon discovered that he could blend in and soon heard of fame. He loved the idea of fame and soon went after it and moon moon was discovered.


3. The yelling wolf

How about the wolf you could hear over the grand canyon? There is a legend that if you tick the rainbow wolf off, he will talk so loud you disappear into hiding. It is said to tick himm off, all you have to do is touch his ear and ask if he vomits out rainbows. He will vomit out rainbows then burst into flames and begin yelling at you. But as he is yelling at you, rainbow fire is being thrown at you like the zues of god is putting shame to you. The yelling wolf will then start flying on clouds, like rainbow dash and does sonic rainbooms, his rainbow lighting power is then spread acorss the nation. His sonic rainboopm carrying the sound of him yelling and it makes you deaf. The end....



All these legends are for sure fake, and some even to extreme. Rainbow wolf states this...

"I am now offically loseing faith in humanity. These legends make my ears amd eyes bleed and I don't ever wish to be like these legends. People these days are very imagitive and take things way to far...."