The Rainbow Wolf






Rainbow wolf was born in a cave, him and his sister were the only two of the litter. Rainbow wolf was different from the others, mostly because one patch of his fur had a mysterious pattern to it. A rainbow pattern that soon grew to color the wolves entire pelt. He was not named yet, mostly because it was a family tradition to know the wolf before naming it in his family. He was given the name Rainbow Wolf as a symbol of his unusal pattern, and he wore his name with pride. Up until he was 6 months old, the brute lived a happy life. He acted like any other pestering pup. Rainbow wolf was a prankster and always did dangerous things. One day though, the pup let his curiosity get the best of him. The pup seperated from his family during a hunting lesson and into a human trap. He was caught in a net by scentist, and sent to a lab for expirmenting on. His unsual pelt lead scentist to do various research on the pups until he was a full year grown. This is when Rainbow wolf discovered the ability to talk with the humans. It started with as simple as three words and over a course of three months. The wolf began to talk full on sentences to the scientist. The scentist were fasinated with the wolf and wanted to know how he could do this, but rainbow wolf refused.

Finally being grown, the humans were easy to put fear into. The scentist could never research on him, so they let him run back into the wild. His whereabouts were unknown for six months by the people who had caught them. For six months the wolf seem to have disappeared until he was found with a little girl in Walmart. The girl had spotted him the day he was let free and there relationship grew. They became very good friends, especially sense the parents let the wolf become part of the family. They accpeted his ability to communicate with them, and the fact that he was unusal. They knew he could be discovered again and taken away, but the family still let him in. They promised to keep him safe for as long as he wished to be with them. Rainbow wolf was spotted with the girl by a famous photographer coming across Texas. They were fasinated by the wolf and began to offer him jobs. The wolf and the family dedicated to making him famous and it did not take long. 3 months after taking the job, the wolf became a virual hit for his wolf moon moon meme. Though all of the attention was great, the wolf began to miss his own family. He began to set up a plan to leave his job and go see them. Keeping that he was going to quit a secret for around 3 weeks. After the 3 week period past, he annnounced he was leaving the family behind to see his own. The man who had found him was not there to see the news and the family was, as any other family would have been, upset to see him leave. They tried to make him stay, but it was to late. Rainbow wolf left his human family behind and set out to see his own family again.

It took nearly 2 months to find his family's land, and another day just to find the courage to show himself. He watched his family that day, seeing as his mother was the usual, and his sister was playing with their little cousin. It seems that they had forgotten he had left, for one moment he thought about leaving. Seeing as they don't seem to miss him. The next morning he snuck into his mothers den, and layed next to her until she awoken. Rainbow wolf stated this:

"She jumped at the sight of me, first thinking I was my sister. It was rather amusing the fact it took her a minute to process it was me. For a minute, she foze, looking at me with big eyes. Then came the look I was expecting. She bald her eyes out as she tackled me down."

The family greeted him back in, this time seeing he had new brothers and sisters. Rainbow wolf finaly was home, and has been there for 5 months so far. Of course people have seen him, and he has been tooken to social media. The wolf has been living in a cabin with his family since a 'fan' moved away. People come to give them food, letters and he now has his own social media. Rainbow wolf still does not have a normal life, because know people are trying to find him. Some are even making legends and fake videos of him.

"Im loseing faith in humanity, and my own species. They are evolving backwards, well some are..." -Rainbow wolf.