The Rainbow Wolf

There are people out there that love to share there thoughts on rainbow wolf, and love to pretend seeing him to get attention. We thought it would be nice to share some thoughts on rainbow wolf from people. We even looked on social medias for these sighting of them and show them to you.

Sightings of Rainbow wolf


"First of all, whop got a photo of me sleeping. This is me, i was in my backyard..Who has been stalking me. I am a little scared now because not many people know where i live and cant take photos of me. Who would do this?????''-Rainbow wolf

Apparently this is a accurate sighting, how rare indeed.


Wait....Someone put in the discription of the photo, this was moon moon and his sister. Rainbow wolf saw this and stated this

''I never recall fighting with a tree. Why would someon make this a thing. Where the rainbow on my coat, huh"

Another false sighting for laughs.





Someone decided to think it was funny to create this of him.....Its not even him but it was under sighting of Rainbow wolf.


Someone said that moon moon, aka rainbow wolf was the one on the top. The sighting is not even him. Another photo faked, of course.






"I thought moon moon was his real name. I don't like him now. I did'nt know he was really rainbow.."-@BananaQUEEN

"Rainbow wolf, yes I love him. I am his number one fan, I love him very much..Amd if you don't love him. How dare you!!!!! He is our lord on social media and should rule the world."-@GodOfMincraft

"Moon moon is that guy. Cool" -@Sherik

"I did not knpw he was a real thing. Why are you even asing me about this thing. When I look at him, my brain cels hurt...Why is someone, do you hate me?"- @Iamsmarterthanyouwilleverbepeople12498598

"Of course i know him. I dedicated to making posters of him and sale them. I also make t-shirts of him and my room is the theme of him. He is my one and only!!!!"@IDONTLIKEPOPCORN


For extra fun, lets see some of his Memes, rainbow wolf has created, and edited to make his fur color normal.

The meme's of moon moon, aka rainbow is a famous meme person and has been happy to settle down.




Rainbow wolf has now stated this. " loseing faith in humanity.."

Rainbow wolf stated this "I dearly thank all the support you guys. Even though i worry about people. Its not my place since i create these ....special.....special memes for you all. Thanks. Peace, im moon moon."




Images were found on google and subjected to copy right.

Meme is all only Moon moon

Rainbow wolf is orginally my character I made.